LIV REPORTS 😱footage of Rory McIlroy arguing with golf star

“I wish I hadn’t have gotten as deeply involved in it,” McIlroy said before the Canadian Open started. 

“I hold no grudge, I hold no resentment over the guys that chose to go and play on LIV. 

“Everyone’s got their own decisions to make, and everyone has the right to make those decisions.”

McIlroy was one of the most vocal opponents to LIV’s intrusion in a golf world long dominated by the PGA Tour.

When it became clear that LIV was set to remain — and join forces with the PGA Tour — it put the Northern Ireland star in an awkward spot.

McIlroy has since softened his tone.

But his friendship with Tiger Woods took a hit, while many still associate McIlroy with his strong anti-LIV golfer views.

But bridging the gap is easier said than done, as he well knows.

“My whole thing is men’s professional golf and this sort of divide we have at the minute,” McIlroy said.

Hopefully, we’re on a path to sorting that out and getting that to come back together. 

But, in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t gotten as deeply involved as I have.”

Meanwhile, McIlroy eloquently spokeabout the passing of Grayson Murray, a PGA Tour golfer who took his own life during the recent Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas.

It’s incredibly sad, first and foremost, and I think we’re all thinking of Grayson’s family and hoping that they’re doing OK and getting through this incredibly tough period,” McIlroy said.

It’s a cliche, but it puts everything in perspective. At the end of the day golf is golf and, yeah, we play it for a living, but it pales in comparison to the things that actually matter in life.

“I’ve had to realise that at times and I’m still sort of working my way through that in terms of not making golf the be-all and end-all for me. I think it slaps you in the face when something like that happens last week.”

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