Phil Taylor pocketed six-figure bonus after breaking darts TV record with phenomenal nine-darter at World Matchplay

Darts legend Phil Taylor landed a record-breaking nine darter at the 2002 World Matchplay.

The top darts players are earning a couple of million a year. And the standard has gone through the roof. 

“When Phil Taylor made his first nine-dart finish, we paid him a £100,000 bonus. 

“This year we will have at least 100 nine-darters on the circuit. It’s just an amazing thing.”

Taylor went on to win the 2002 instalment of the famous event, beating John Part 18-16 to capture the trophy.

Taylor is widely considered the greatest darts player of all time, and sent records tumbling during his dominant winning era as part of his 31-year career.

One major tournament which brought ‘The Power’ huge success was the World Matchplay major, where Taylor regularly lit up the Winter Gardens stage in Blackpool.

But no more so than in 2002 where he was gunning for his first success at the event which was televised in the UK.

Fans tuned in as he came up against fellow English star Chris Mason in the quarter-finals with the support of the crowd.

It was 2-2 in legs of the best of 31 format, and Taylor lit up the crowd by pinning a 180 in his opening three-dart visit.

He then switched to the 19’s for his second visit to the oche, burying three into the green section for another maximum score.

Spectators in the arena roared in excitement as he successfully followed the traditional nine-dart route of treble 2, treble 19 before finishing on double 12.

It earned him a standing ovation with Mason visibly stunned by the sensational feat.

After recording the crowd-pleasing leg he went on to progress beyond Mason and was quickly rewarded for his exploits.

PDC chairman Barry Hearn decided to give Taylor special recognition and he was handed a briefcase of cash which held £100,000 as a reward for his achievement.

Hearn later went on to acknowledge the famous night when describing the legend’s impact on the sport.

During his career, Taylor became the king of nine-dart finishes, having registered 22 in total, with 11 broadcast on live TV.

The British star retired from the sport in 2018, bringing his unprecedented sporting dominance to an end.

Since putting down the arrows, the 63-year-old has been competing on the inaugural senior tour, competing in the2022 World Senior Darts Championship.

He lost to continuous rival Kevin Painter in the quarter-finals, but has already left his mark on the sport for good.

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