TENSION Set-in As Paige Spiranac’s ONLY FANS Video Leak, Damn!!😱😱

Former professional golfer and golf influencer Paige Spiranac has shown off her 250-yard driver shot in a new Instagram reel.



In the reel, Spiranac can be seen displaying the carrying distances of each club in her bag.Spiranac moves from her wedges to her irons, and then to her driver. She begins with a 58° wedge, also known as a lob wedge, used for short and high-trajectory shots.



She hits 70 yards with it. She moves to a 54° Wedge, also known as a sand wedge, which carries her ball 85 yards. She then uses a 50° Wedge, also known as a gap wedge, to hit the ball 100 yards.



Her pitching wedge carries the ball 130 yards, a significant increase from the 50° Wedge.Paige Spiranac then uses the irons in her bag, starting from the short irons and moving to mid-irons. She starts with a 9 iron which provides a slightly longer carry at 138 yards.


She uses 8i, 7i, 6i, and then finally 5 iron carrying 180 yards.The 31-year-old golfer then uses fairway woods, starting with a 7 wood. She hits the 7 wood 195 yards.


The 5 wood carries the ball 220 yards whereas the 3 wood reaches 235 yards. Paige’s 250-yard driver shot is the highlight of her reel.



Here are the carrying distances for each club in Paige Spiranac’s golf bag as shown in her Instagram reel:58° Wedge: 70 yards54° Wedge: 85 yards50° Wedge: 100 yardsPitching Wedge (PW): 130 yards9 Iron (9i): 138 yards8 Iron (8i): 148 yards7 Iron (7i): 158 yards6 Iron (6i): 170 yards5 Iron (5i): 180 yards7 Wood (7W): 195 yards5 Wood (5W): 220 yards3 Wood (3W): 235 yardsDriver (D): 250 yardsalso-read-trendingTrendingPaige Spiranac closes OnlyPaige and joins a new subscription sitePaige Spiranac, who has emerged as a top golf influencer, recently announced that she’ll be closing OnlyPaige. Spiranac launched OnlyPaige in 2023 to share her exclusive golf content including pictures and videos.Spiranac informed followers on her Instagram story that OnlyPaige would be closed and she would shift to the new subscription site, Passes. She added that “it’s better than ever.”

She wrote on her Instagram Stories:”OnlyPaige is done. That would be no longer. This is the new site; everything will now be on Passes.

This is a new subscription site; it’s better than ever. So, you will not longer be able to go there. There would be no other exclusive subscription sites. This is the only one I will have.”Paige Spiranac has 4 million subscribers on Instagram and 1 million on X.

She also has a huge following on YouTube with 420k followers. She further wrote on her Instagram Stories:”When you first go to Passes, it might look expensive, but it’s actually more affordable than OnlyPaige was. I have multiple tiers.

The first tier is the golf tier for $5. The next tier is $10, exactly like OnlyPaige. You are getting the same amount of content as OnlyPaige, but the content is even better and has more perks.”There are multiple subscriptions on Passes. The basic tier is called Only Golf and is offered at $5/month for exclusive golf content. Then there is Par at $10/month for all exclusive content. Live streaming is included in Birdie at $25/month, whereas Eagle at $100/month gives access to all content, live streams, and additional perks like free DMs.

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