Savannah Bananas become honorary Bills Mafia members by breaking table following home run

The Savannah Bananas are calling Sahlen Field their home for the weekend.

Banana Ball has become a sensation with fans across the United States buying tickets to see the entertaining product. That was the case from a sold out Sahlen Field in Buffalo where the Bananas opened up a three game series on Friday night against the Firefighters.

In their first game of the series, Eric Jones hit a fourth-inning home run to give the Bananas a 2-0 lead. As Jones was rounding the bases, Bananas teammates brought out a ladder and table. Bills Mafia members in attendance likely had an idea of what was going to happen next. To celebrate his home run, Jones climbed the ladder and dove through a table.

The Bananas held on for a 4-1 win in a one hour and 29 minute outing, the fastest game in Banana Ball history.

FILE – Savannah Bananas owner Jesse Cole emcees a pregame parade and performance for the fans before the gates opened Tuesday, June 7, 2022, in Savannah, Ga. The Savannah Bananas, who became a national sensation with their irreverent style of baseball, are leaving the Coastal Plains League to focus full attention on their professional barnstorming team. Owner Jesse Cole made the announcement in a YouTube video, saying “we’ll be able to bring the Savannah Bananas to more people in Savannah and around the world.”(AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton, File)AP

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