Luke Littler completes shock career first in brilliant darts match with Lando Norris

Even Luke Littler can have an off day.

The darts sensation was one of the many sporting superstars to take part in fun events with Formula 1 drivers ahead of the British Grand Prix.

He’s known for his steadfast ability with the arrows in his hands and hit 100-plus averages at the World Championship.

However, when it came to facing up to McLaren‘s British driver Lando Norris in a fun skills showcase, he proved sometimes even the best get it wrong.

In the game where Norris was challenged to get 101 in comparison to Littler needing 501 to win, the pair got off to slow starts.

Littler landed 23 with his first three while Norris hit 20 against his professional competitor.

The pair continued to battle outside in the elements, which no doubt affected the flight of their darts.

But, shockingly, with Littler needing 228 to win, and Norris needing just 42, the darts star only managed to land one of his three attempts.

And the one which nestled into the board only gave him ONE point of his required target, which he cheered, sticking one finger into the air.

Formula 1 commentator David Croft immediately queried: “Luke have you ever scored one before, ever?”

No,” came the sheepish reply.

“This is a first, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve dragged Luke Littler to the level we can all play at,” Croft joked.

Eventually, though, his class told out as he pipped Norris and nabbed victory with a double 20.

The pair then went on to allow the Formula 1 star showcase his skills with Norris taking Littler around on a hot lap of Silverstone.

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