LIV Golf makes mega move in PGA Tour rivalry as Phil Mickelson comes true

The LIV Golf setup continues to grow at a rapid rate, with the breakaway tour opening a new office in London – its third worldwide following New York and FloridaThe LIV Golf setup continues to grow, with the rebel league announcing the opening of yet another new office – this time in London.

LIV made its first appearance at Centurion Golf Club in St Albans in June 2022 and has been on a steady rise ever since.

The formation of the breakaway league caused a stir in the professional golf world when the PGA Tour decided to take a firm stance against their new rival by suspending members who opted to join the Saudi venture.

Despite holding its position at the top of professional golf alongside the PGA Tour, the American-based circuit revealed plans to change its stance on the Middle East by partnering with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF).

However, more than a year after the shocking announcement, it appears LIV is here to stay, having once again expanded with the opening of new offices in London.

The news was shared by LIV’s creative director Will Newell, who gave a sneak peek of the new headquarters in an Instagram post.”New London office opens this week.

Fit out by Echospace London,” Newell penned, indicating a significant expansion for the contentious LIV Golf league as they enhance their UK, New York, and Florida presence.

This move highlights their drive to take the tour global, a goal that’s manifesting on the courses and through their business tactics.

The rebel tour plans to hold 14 events in eight countries, reflecting the international ambitions fervently supported by LIV’s star player, Phil Mickelson.

In May, Mickelson expressed his positive stance: “I think there’s a lot of things that are going to transpire over the next five or ten years.””I’m very bullish and excited about what that means for LIV Golf.

There’s also a lot of uncertainty. I think the thing that I do know is I think the quality of the players will continue to get better each year.

I think that the ability and the sites that we move to throughout the world will continue to excite players and excite fans..”

“We’ll be going to more countries outside of the United States that really are starving for world-class professional golf, and we’ll have a lot more receptions like we had at Adelaide.”With the unveiling of LIV’s posh new London base, the anticipation builds for their return to British greens.

This year, the Saudi-backed event is poised to launch at the JCB Country Club on July 26, following two years at Centurion Golf Club.

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