“Without Wilt Chamberlain, there might not be an NBA” – Ahead in GOAT debate amongst MJ and Larry bird

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, the late great Wilt Chamberlain was not only a dominant player on the court but also a larger-than-life figure whose impact transcended the game. For New York Knicks legend Walt Frazier, Chamberlain’s contributions to the sport were undeniable, which is why he should be hailed as the GOAT

Walt argues that apart from the incredible set of individual records, “The Big Dipper” played a significant role in helping the NBA grow and evolve into the global phenomenon it is today. That said, “Clyde” thinks it’s only right that fans consider Wilt the greatest of all time.”Because without Wilt Chamberlain, there might not be an NBA,” Frazier said on the Roommates Show with Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart.

“He was the guy who brought people to the stands, promoted the game, and then you look at his records—they’re remarkable, man.”Wilt is ahead of MJ in the GOAT debateFor those convinced that Michael Jordan is the GOAT because of his dominance and six NBA championships, Frazier once addressed it by coming up with an interesting take on why Chamberlain still deserves the GOAT title over “His Airness.”Walt’s argument stemmed from the idea that Chamberlain faced a rival of equal greatness in Bill Russell. On the other hand, he pointed out that MJ never had a true rival who could really put his skills to test, like what Wilt had to deal with back then.”Some have suggested that Wilt was not the greatest player ever because he only won two titles, as opposed to Jordan’s six,” Frazier once said.

“This is simply unfair. If it weren’t for the Celtics dynasty, Wilt would likely have ended up with nine rings. Jordan had no true rival.”‘Clyde’ was partly rightIndeed, Chamberlain’s remarkable skills and towering presence drew fans to the arenas, leading to increased attendance and media coverage for the NBA. On top of that, his rivalry with other basketball legends like Russell further elevated the popularity of the sport, captivating audiences across the nation and, later on, the entire world.On the court, Wilt’s scoring prowess, rebounding abilities, and shot-blocking skills set new standards for excellence in the sport. That said, it’s safe to say that Frazier was spot-on when he said that Chamberlain’s extraordinary talents and accomplishments revolutionized how basketball was played and perceived.While Frazier has a point, in conclusion, determining the GOAT still depends on one’s criteria and preference.

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