Video of Caitlin Clark supposedly humiliating grown ups at age 7 surfaces and goes viral

Many people who have shared the court with WNBA superstar Caitlin Clark have fallen victim to ankle-breakers, logo three pointers, and no-look passes. Those poor defenders felt a little less alone when social media thought it had “discovered” this video of 7-year-old Caitlin Clark humiliating a grown up on the basketball court.

“i have found caitlin clark’s best highlight,” wrote a viral post on X, formerly Twitter, which shared the video of the little girl thought to be the Indiana Fever star.

The Iowa native is legendary for beating up boys on the court, according to FOS. As the story goes, when Caitlin Clark was a kid, her dad couldn’t find a girls league for her age. So she joined a boys league and won an AAU state championship. Parents even complained she shouldn’t be allowed to play with boys.

Although nobody knows for sure if it was a young Caitlin Clark in the viral video, social media ran with it. This points less to the investigative skills of the internet and more to the fact that people expect to be amazed by Clark. That unique, entertaining brand of basketball has led to never-before-seen viewership of women’s basketball. 

Caitlin Clark attendance records and sell out crowds

She has been selling out arenas nationwide since college, when her Iowa Hawkeyes set the NCAA single-game record for attendance in women’s basketball history by bringing 55,646 fans to the “Crossover at Kinnick.” This has continued in the WNBA, as the Fever’s average attendance (16,115) is 56% higher than the second-ranked team (New York Liberty, 10,340).

It can also be seen on television, where 36 of Indiana’s 40 games are on national television networks this WNBA season, with good reason. Iowa’s NCAA Championship clash with South Carolina in 2024 was the most watched women’s college basketball game in history with 18.9 million viewers and eclipsed any men’s game in the last five years.

Four times as many people tuned in to watch her get selected No. 1 overall in the 2024 WNBA Draft as any other draft in league history. Her regular season debut became the most watched WNBA game since 2001. I could go on.

When people watch Caitlin Clark, they feel like little kids again. Just ask the poor guy in the viral video. All he could do was watch as the little girl snuck through his legs and made a layup. It proved the kind of brilliance people have come to expect from No. 22, even if the little girl in the video was wearing No. 9.

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