Caitlin Clark makes an unexpected move to help a rival and receives a strong, negative response

Indiana FeverCaitlin Clark turns back on Indiana Fever teammates at first sign of tension with Phoenix MercuryIndiana FeverCaitlin Clark rare TikTok video at the pool reveals true personality that fuels “bad teammate” debateIndiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark has been under pressure since she arrived to the WNBA, she has not been very well received by her opponents as they are always looking to eliminate her good play on the court at all costs. Despite the pressure from the media and her opponents, Caitlin focuses and even helps her opponents when needed.During the recent match against Phoenix MercuryClark made an unexpected move to save her opponent from getting hit, but she did not fully see the action and responded negatively against Caitlin.Caitlin Clark saves rival from a blow, receives negative responseIndiana Fever recently achieved a victory over the Phoenix Mercury 88-82, during an intense and exciting game, at one point in the game the Indiana rookie was fouled by Kahleah Copper of Mercury, seconds later Clark avoids with an unexpected and surprising move for her opponent that the ball hit Copper in the head, but Copper does not fully see the action and responds with a few words and a strong gesture on Caitlin.Phoenix veteran Diana Taurasi and other teammates calm Kahleah down as they did see the whole scene and Clark’s intent to save Copper from a blow to the head.A few minutes later, Kahleah Copper approaches Caitlin Clark and has other words for her, but this time of apology as she learns what really happened.Caitlin Clark nearly had a triple-double during Sunday’ s win over the Phoenix Mercury.Despite Battling a migraine, Clark had 15 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds, just one rebound shy of enteringWNBA history as the first rookie to post a triple-double.The Indiana Fever have won five of their last seven games, indicating a positive trend as the team continues to come together and improve.

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