Footage of Caitlin Clark throwing up her hands in disagreement with Fever coach Christie Sides emerges

Caitlin Clark could not hide her frustration.

The Fever’s star rookie seemingly questionedIndiana coach Christie Sides late during the Fever’s 88-87 loss to the Sky on Sunday, rolling her shoulders and throwing up her hands in a “come on” gesture.

Clark barely touched the ball down the stretchduring the 15-point collapse, including the final play when she served as the inbounds passer.

could this be the discussion between cc and sides they were talking about? idk if something else happened after the stream was over.

It’s hard to tell what Clark and Sides were discussing at that exact moment, but it came toward the end of a disappointing Fever (7-11) defeat.

The interaction began with Sides talking to Clark in the huddle with the game seemingly over, before the referees would put 0.2 seconds on the block.

Sides spoke to her team, with Clark nearest to her, and the former Iowa star reacted by holding up her right hand and motioning in the other direction.

Clark then rolled her shoulders after Sides responded, before motioning her hands in the “come on” motion.

Regardless of the topic, it’s clear emotions were high after Indiana blew a 72-57 advantage with 1:31 remaining in the third quarter.

Clark finished with 17 points and 13 assists, but she only had one shot in the final seven minutes and took just three total shots in the fourth quarter.

“Just seemed the ball got really stuck,” Clark said. “We didn’t move it side to side like we had for three quarters, which we were really good. I just felt like we didn’t execute.”

She added: “I thought we kind of fell apart a little bit, as a team.

”It seemed that Sides and Clark had different takes on a critical late play when Clark passed the ball in transition with the Fever trailing 88-87 and less than 15 seconds remaining.

Clark passed to Kristy Wallace, who missed the shot, rather than take it herself.

“I never want her to not be aggressive and take shots,” Sides said. “I really thought when she want out in transition after that missed free throw, I thought she was going to take it to the rim or pull up right there. That would have been a great shot for her, for our team.” 

Clark didn’t lament her decision.

“I’m sure there was an opportunity or two for me to probably attempt another shot there at the end, but I trust my teammates,” Clark said. “Obviously, 13 assists, that means my teammates scored off of 13 of my passes. It’s a really great number, so I’m going to give them the ball every time and give them an opportunity to score. I believe in them.” 

Sides later opted to have Clark inbound the ball on the final play rather than have her on the court, a Hail Mary attempt with 0.2 seconds remaining.

Her pass went through a teammate’s hands to secure the Sky’s win.

“She’s a hell of a passer, she had 13 assists tonight,” Sides said. “I just felt she gave us the best opportunity to find the open person to get that quick shot.”

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